Brooks Applewhite

White Council Grad Student


Brooks Applewhite
Power Level: Feet In The Water (Base Refresh: 6, Skill Points: 20, Skill Cap: Great)
High Concept: White Council Grad Student
Trouble: Curiosity Killed the Cat
Other Aspects:

  • Too Much Time Around Power
  • With Seconds to Spare
  • Don’t Kick the Hornet’s Nest
  • Bridges Are Homes Too
  • Phase 5 Pending

Stunts & Powers:

  • Channeling (-2), Spirit
  • Ritual (-2), Divination
  • The Sight (-1)
  • Soulgaze (-0, Discounted due to the Sight)
  • Wizard’s Constitution (-0)


  • Great: Lore, Discipline
  • Good: Conviction, Investigation
  • Fair: Alertness, Scholarship
  • Average: Endurance, Weapons

Stress Tracks:
Physical: O O O
Mental: O O O O
Social: O O

Focus Items: 4 Slots
Spirit Bracelet (Defense: Power +1, Control +1, 2 Slots)
Monocle of Divination (Complexity +1, Control +1, 2 Slots)


Phase One: Brooks was born in early 1985 to a couple who lived at 55 Central Park West, the location that was central to the First Cataclysm, where the city was attacked by a reincarnated spirit, and who ended up summoning a giant Stay-Puff marshmallow man. When Brooks was young, his parents realized that he was different, and sought out the advice of the City’s Protectors, who had been recently released from an asylum just in time to help the city to fight in the Second Cataclysm. They sent Brooks’ parents to a professor at Columbia University, Dr. Arnold O’Brien, who happened to also be a member of the White Council. Brooks became his apprentice, and when the Columbia University Paranormal Studies department shut down, both the master and apprentice transferred to Georgetown University, which had purchased all the paranormal studies material from Columbia.

Phase Two: Being new to DC, Brooks was hesitant to explore too much, not realizing that the supernatural was just as prevalent in there as it was in New York. Living and studying in Georgetown, he didn’t have a car. The Metro was also not immediately accessible, which was one of the reasons Georgetown had a Paranormal Studies department (though the Paranormal Studies department may also be the reason that the Metro doesn’t go to Georgetown, no one’s really sure). To put Brooks through trials, O’Brien sent him out on errands that forced him to interact with the various factions that were vying for power in the city. Brooks had never performed spells under pressure, so when he found himself fighting against a group of minor fey, his abilities seemed to fail him. The fey had cut him up fairly badly, and were moving in for the kill, when Brooks was able to center himself so that he could bring up a shield. The shield lasted just long enough for his master to arrive and scare off the fey.

Phase Three: Of course, even Brooks’ teacher didn’t quite know how bad things were under the surface. Travelling across town, Brooks happened across a melee between a handful of gruffs and a small group of ghouls. The combat seemed to be escalating, and in order to prevent collateral damage, Brooks found it necessary to step in and stop the combat. He helped the gruffs repel the ghouls, who spat vendetta at Brooks before retreating. In addition, the gruffs berated him for involving himself in their matters, as they would need to finish that battle eventually. Brooks told them that he didn’t want DC to be a battleground, but they replied that “it already was” and that he had better get with the program if he was to do anything about it. Then they vanished.

Phase Four: Brooks heard about a monster living in Rock Creek Park and was asked by locals at the Capital Grounds to deal with it. He spent the better part of day searching but found nothing, just some homeless dudes panhandling. On a whim, he decided to open his Sight to see what he could see, and found the magical imprints of several large wolf tracks centered around a small stone bridge. They varied in age, so Brooks surmised that whatever it was had been here a while. Then he noticed something else, newer than all the wolf tracks. Whatever lupine being was living under the bridge had been transplanted by the newcomer, it seemed. As Brooks was sniffing around, it found him. Something straight out of nightmares came out of the forest and knocked him across the river easily. Brooks later learned it was a fetch. From out of the forest came a streak of fur, the wolf that used to call this bridge his home. The fetch went after the wolf, but Brooks was able to shield the wolf from most of the fetch’s wickedly curved claws. Finally the fetch was defeated, ripped to shreds by the wolf. Brooks watched the fetch dissolve into ectoplasm, then turned to find that the wolf had turned into a naked mad, who went into a cubby hole under the bridge and retrieved a set of clothing. Once the man was dressed, Brooks thanked him for saving his life. The man introduced himself as Felix, and they have been friends since. Brooks introduced Felix to the staff of Capital Grounds, who could help him out financially.

Phase Five:

Brooks Applewhite

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